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Constructed from japanese carbon fiber and Drawing inspiration from and innovating upon characteristics of various Japanese rods, Seiyu Therapy 33 embodies the essences of simplicity, elegance, and fun.

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About the Seiyu Therapy 33 adaptive fishing rod

The Seiyu Therapy 33 tenkara fishing rod is constructed from high quality carbon fiber, made in Japan. Being in nature allows for an abundance of exercise opportunities for physical and mental health, provided you have the right equipment. When it comes to fishing, the right components can either make or break your experience. The Seiyu Therapy 33 fishing rod (with specific adaptations to help manage cortisol output, and a clinical design to help facilitate bilateral stimulation), at 80 grams / 2.8 oz, weighs less than four AA batteries! It is a light weight, affordable, and high quality rod that anyone can use for personal wellness, in conjunction with nature-based psychotherapy, or just for fun.

The product of a successful Kickstarter campaign, this light, mobile, elegant and fun fishing rod was designed specifically for use in trauma therapy, while providing any angler targeting small to medium-sized fish with a superb and smooth fixed line fly-fishing experience. Made with high-end Japanese carbon fiber (the same as many more expensive rods) and modeled after some of the developer's favorite Japanese-made tenkara rods, the Therapy 33 is a medium action, extremely light fishing rod which is guaranteed to be one of the favorites in your quiver.

Yin & yang

A dual-purposed and balanced design for outdoor therapists and any angler.

It began as a way for creator Tony Parmenter to enhance the use of tenkara fishing in the form of nature-based trauma therapy which he developed. Tony wanted a rod to be useful for his work (read the peer reviewed article describing it here), and also one that therapy clients would love to use as they continued to fish on their own. Distinct design specifications allow for a more streamlined and simplified connection to nature, and create a useful tool for health professionals who are integrating fly-fishing into trauma therapy. Besides the characteristics specific for therapeutic use, as a rod for anglers Tony required it to be simple, light, extremely mobile, and minimize any possible barriers. 

Tony is a US military veteran (USAF, OEF), tenkara enthusiast and EMDR Certified trauma therapist with a deep personal connection to Japan. Therapy 33 was meticulously designed - made with high quality Japanese carbon fiber to seamlessly blend therapeutic functionality with recreational sophistication. Drawing inspiration from and innovating upon characteristics of various Japanese rods, Seiyu Therapy 33 embodies the essences of simplicity, elegance, and fun. 

Rod specs

  • Comparable to a 3-weight western fly-fishing rod

  • Rod length (extended): 330 cm / 10.82 ft

  • Rod length (collapsed): 56 cm / 22 in

  • Handle Length: 29 cm / 11.5 in

  • Weight (without rod cap): 80 g / 2.8 oz.

  • Action: 6:4, medium flex (CCS/RFI: 18 pennies/5.45)

  • Blank material: 40T & 46T nano carbon fiber, made in Japan

  • Handle material: cork, eva foam

  • Embedded line winders for easy/smooth mobility to/from points on the water

  • 360 degree micro-swivel lillian

  • Custom designed neoprene rod-sock & carbon fiber rod case for safe storage

What about the design? It includes:

  • Blanks are constructed from Japanese-made nano carbon.

  • Embedded line winders allow for smooth and easy mobility to and from points on the water (small enough to also slide a circular line spool over, if you wish, and they won't fall off or bunch the line!).

  • Strategically placed aesthetics to make it a more useful tool for professionals using it in therapy.

  • A versatile length, workable for streams and wider bodies of water.

  • Light as a feather (and lighter than most other rods in it's class)

  • A frickin' pretty design!

Kickstarter appreciations: Thank you to the following people for helping to bring this rod to life!

Victoria Kelm-Foy, Catherine Ortega, Jerry Reitz, Lydia Wickizer, Dennis Vander Houwen, Daniel Rioux, Matthew Schoen, Ryan David, Alexander Danilowicz, Wyatt Killman, Verlan Hall, Tom Olofson, William Holleran, Kevin Chao, Maria Niitepold, Renee Seff, Alex Gremmo, Leon Dunbar, Martin, Tammy LeBlond Karim, Diana Osborn, Darin Hissam, Isaac Tait, Michael Agneta, Mike Schneider, Penny Allen, Jeff Green, David Rosenberg, Michael Garrison, Michael Tipton, Daniel Garcia-Galili, William Hartley, Amanda Hoffner.

Photo by Andrea Crobu, @tenkaraitaly and @crobupics on Instagram

Tony Parmenter, founder

Pictured with friend & supporter Amanda Hoffner, aka LadyTenkaraBum

Rod developer and creator of Therapeutic Fly-fishing with EMDR (TF-EMDR)℠

Tony Parmenter is a U.S. military veteran with deployment experience in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Southern Watch. He is a father, innovative trauma therapist, musician, with a life spanning between native trout waters of the northern and northeastern USA and Western Tokyo, Japan. For facilitaed fishing excursions, trainings, to discuss gear, or other things, click here. Read more about his work as a mental health counselor and trauma therapist here.

Picture on the left by Andrea Crobu of @tenkaraitaly

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